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Cute little black rabbit
When I was in grade four, one day, I went to a pet with my aunt.Cabas CelineThe store bought a cute little black rabbit. This cute little black rabbit left a deep impression on me. It is a black, purple fur, run up like a flying purple mist, two ears alert up in the head, as if ready to discover the danger at any time for flight. A pair of black eyes, like two blue stones, a little pink nose, three mouth, everyone see the praises it beautiful, and I will give it a name, called &ldquo &rdquo, it is happy;; female rabbit. One day, the mother went to work early, she asked me to take good care of happy, don’t let it be hungry, I have to hold my house in the vicinity of the happy turnip field, I brought a small shovel ready to eat radish, Mei Mei dig dug, I am a happy, see, slobber all flow down, I said, “ happy good, sister to wash hands, then put the carrots for you to eat. ” I finished, and ran to Restroom, wash my hands full of mud, when I hand back to wash the turnips, suddenly, I found that I dug radish disappeared, I find chaos anxiouslyobtaining place, thought: radish and noHogan 2016 uomoWings should not fly, the radish where, will the ghost? I trembled, hairs stand up, suddenly, from a &ldquo out of turnips; Tsatsa cracking ” voice, I take a look at the past, no one, I looked around, no one, I look down on the ground, ha! The original is happy in eating I just give it dug radish, I hold it to Mei Mei said: “ I thought you were gone! ” happy from my arms jumped down and ran to just eat not to eat radish. What a naughty little cute ah! Another time, when Mei Mei in the balcony to sleep, suddenly there is a bee in Mei Mei’s nose bite “ ” a happy jumped up, with the fastest speedCeline handbags wholesale replica handbagsThe hand pats the bee on the ground, then steps the bee to death with the foot, then it uses the mouth to trample trampled the dead bee, walks to me, wants to demonstrate in the same way, said: “ elder sister, you look at me how fierce! ” I award him a carrot, it will eat up with relish. Look at how cute it is, how can I not like it? I love my little black rabbit, though it has passed away, but it is indelible in my heart. It brings me joy, its lovely image, will always remain in my mind. Cute little black rabbit


Ah ah…… Beef steak!
Ah … … steak! Zhouzhuang experimental primary school six Chen Yufan “ ah — — ” “ ha ha ha ()! ” who is so happy in the severe winter, so a hearty laughter? Of course we are a — — in eating “ foreign food ” — — steak! The steak is simple and simple to eat. The first frozen butter into the pot, fry for 3~5 minutes, can also be based on personal preferences to fry. The steak came out! And then with the delicious black pepper sauce, just listen to the &ldquo Ci; ” a sound, smell, juiceHogan scarpeAlas, it is scattered, the ancient poetry should also drool with envy, “ slobber DC three thousand feet ”! Should eat! Steak on the table, look carefully, this also revealed a lovely steak dinner: two pieces of fat, brown beef cuddlingHandbags Celine 2010A close; in the white clouds, a brilliant sunset, red blossom its glory — — this is the egg; a yellow side flows 20molecules Creek, in &ldquo, “ ” sun; shining, red and yellow, Shashi good-looking. What is it? The original is crooked, with red tomato sauce noodles can finally eat! I can not wait to cut the steak into a small piece of a small piece, and then put down the knife, pick up the fork, fork up a piece of the mouth to send. Of course, such delicious can not like pig eat ginseng fruit, like a swallow, taste can not taste. I love the black pepper sauce off half, and put the steakCelineBite carefully. At this time, you will feel the juices in the mouth roundabout, steak is very fresh. Just listen to the &ldquo sound, ” gurgle; a small steak is buried in my belly. After a while, I mixed the eggs and swallowed the noodles. “ ah — — ” what’s going on? Who is screaming? It is my steak cut too much hot juice on one’s hands suddenly hot I jumped three feet high — — aoaozhijiao. Followed by the family “ ha ha ha ” laughter. I came on a soft spot, really is the most delicious steak is as much as the remotest corners of the globe! If you are interested, come and eat! Ah ah…… Beef steak!

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Another kind of beauty of another country
People living in the bustling city, gradually like the fast-paced life, slowly forgotten the quiet village,Michael kors handbags outletPeaceful。 Little wonder, this is another kind of beauty of another country. I don’t like the excitement of the city, it’s a brisk walk, and I’m slow. The fast pace of city makes me breathless, I think, why not where I want to go, to experience another kind of beauty of another country? My grandmother is the ecological farm, there is a natural, and ah! My grandma is a heaven on earth, good weather, fertile soil and water conservation, people lived a sunrise and sunset of life. Who dares to say that this is not the negation of an earthly paradise? I most love the grandma is the big fish pond and fruity, fruitful orchard! That big fish pond can be magical! I’m a loyal audience. Walking around the fish pond, no matter from which direction, can not see the same scenery. This is a strange face. eachDonne Hogan 2016When the sunset west, opposite the shadow of fruit trees, really cute, one next to a tree, as if the allies comrades. From a distance, the fruit tree looks like a green blanket, and the fruit is adorned with it. Watching, I also had an idea: have such a beautiful carpet. At this time, the sound of a “ &mdash — ” splash; I woke up, and found to show kicked off “ ”! Fish in the fish pond can not live, to play! I saw a golden carp jump and jump, in the sunset, it shook its golden tail, a “ Liyudiaolongmen, ” I see repeatedly applauded! Another common carp is desperately not resigned to playing second fiddle, to leap over the body, give me a clear &Bags online CelineLdquo; fish twisted head ”. A series of memorable performances staged the show, deeply branded in my heart … … and the orchard is let me happy! After dinner, playing cards in the hands here green, fragrant orchard, chat with old friends here, and hide and jungle adventure. Sometimes I intentionally knocked someone’s skull. Just is the fruit on the tree down hit, he did when he was, for gospel truth, I was secretly laughing. Who can say this is not very happy, very relaxed? I like my grandmother’s fish pond performances and happy orchard, like to experience another kind of beauty of another country. Feel the beauty of nature, love nature, love life, make life more beautiful! Another kind of beauty of another country

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A happy trip in my eight years old, I and my sister, Dad went to Suzhou paradise, I went in to say: “ wow, the place is really big ah! Super fun here. ” father and sister on the other side, said: “ we do not try to know how fun? ” we’ll go in and play. First, we went to play a Ferris wheel, because it is the first time for me to play the ferris wheel and I didn’t know how little they had no fun. I went on the ferris wheel, in the ferris wheel, sister said “ Dad, how do you take us to ride the boring Ferris wheel? ” dad said: “ of course, we never play to stimulate excitement ah! And look at it.Bosquet CelineScenery。 Under the sky wheel. The ferris wheel, I said: “ well, dad didn’t play this project. ” and then we went to play on a pirate ship, I cried to sit in the first one, my sister and I sat in the first one, but Dad sat in the middle, the pirate ship opened, I said: “ sister, in my opinion this or notSacs CelineFun enough, not exciting, not in the back and forth slowly swing. ” old sister said, it is better in the future, gradually Corsair a lot faster, I said: “ sister, this is a stimulus. ” just saying this pirate ship stopped, I went down the pirate ship said: “ so it’s exciting, fun enough, ah, right, dad said, why don’t you sit with us? ” dad says.Hogan 2016 uomo“ I’m afraid of a heart attack, so….&rdquo… I interrupted; Dad, dad said, the original is not the courage I am, then we went to play torrent, I said: “ Dad, you What’s wrong with you?, even I will play the rides are the clothes are all wet! ” “ silly son, play this must buy a one-time poncho! ” dad said. We sat in a boat, the boat was moving slowly, then speed is so fast, splash, spectacular. Finally, also played the meteor hammer, this project is very exciting, in the above airport feel a kind of feeling, the air is very good, the beautiful scenery of Suzhou, looked at the foot of the blue sky, a piece of dense woods, let me feel… This… I play very happy!!! Decision

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Eternal loveDonne Hogan 2016Some people say that there is no eternal love in the world, but I think that maternal love is eternal, and everywhere. One time, 000 “ … … ” after class, when I was going home to the rumble, do not know who is Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles., put God to the air, the sky was covered with dark clouds, like God angry face. A few minutes later, it began to downpour, bean like raindrop will drop from the clouds. Suddenly, I was shocked, think: how do you do? I forgot to bring my umbrella. This time, I was like an ant on a hot pan. I was in a hurry. I only today can only wait for the rain, and I go home. I squat down in the ground, watching the students and teachers have gone, I just stay there, looking at the rain falling on the ground, time is also a second to the past. Rain, or so big. Wind, or so cool. Suddenly, a shadow appeared behind me, I was happy, but then, I think again: father cannot come to meet me, because he is unable to carry on. My mother couldn’t come to pick me up, because she was ill. I have a sense of evil: is it a thief? I grew more and more afraid, was very upset like fifteen buckets of — — an unsettled state of mind. The shadow is getting closer, 10 meters, 7 meters, 5 meters, 3 meters … … I turned a look, turned out to be a mother, both surprised and touched the feelings, let my tears in the eyes. Close to mother, I saw my mother’s face is very pale. I moved quickly to hold the mother, the mother said: “ silly daughter, what are you crying! ” my heart was touched by her mother’s selfless dedication. Tears, rain down stream. What a good mother! After a while, the rain doesn’t seem to be very big, and my mother and I together hold an umbrella in a dark road. In the process of walking, my mother always put an umbrella to my side, afraid I caught a cold, and I want to put an umbrella to her, but her hand is still parked in my side. I sneaked a look at mother, on the other side of the mother’s arm was all wet with rain. When I got home, I saw my mother’s hair and clothes wet. I think: this time the mother’s illness will increase. Although I can not do anything for my mother, but I have nothing to do not always let my mother a worry. Think of my mother’s selfless love, IHandbags Australia sale GucciStanding in the corner secretly crying. Mom, I love you! Thank you for your kindness to me, in the future, I will not letDion Italia CelineYou suffer. Thank you, mom! You give me the meticulous love, let me know the great maternal love and eternal, I will always keep in mind this thing. Eternal love


What did your mother do for you in your life, do you know
当你1岁的时候,她喂你吃奶并给你洗澡;而作为报答,你整晚的哭着; 当你3岁的时候,她怜爱的为你做菜;而作为报答,你把一盘她做的菜扔在地上; 当你4岁的时候,她给你买下彩笔;而作为报答,你涂了满墙的抽象画; 当你5岁的时候,她给你买了漂亮的衣服;而作为报答,你穿着它到泥坑里玩耍; 当你7岁的时候,她给你买了球;而作为报答,你用球打破了邻居的玻璃; 当你9岁的时候,她付了很多米给你辅导钢琴;而作为报答,你常常旷课并不去练习; 当你11岁的时候,她陪你还有你的朋友们去看电影;而作为报答,你让她坐另一排去; 当你13岁 At the time, she suggested that you go to the hair cut, and youCollezione Hogan 2016Say that she does not understand what is now fashionable hair styleHandbags prices Celine你14岁的时候,她付了你一个月的夏令营费用,而你却一整月没有打一个电话给她; 当你15岁的时候,她下班回家想拥抱你一下,而作为报答,你转身进屋把门插上了; 当你17岁的时候,她在等一个重要的电话,而你却抱着电话和你的朋友聊了一晚上; 当你18岁的时候,她为你高中毕业感动得流下眼泪,而你却跟朋友在外聚会到天亮; 当你19岁的时候,她付了你的大学学费又送你到学校,你要求她在远点下车怕同学看见笑话; 当你20岁的时候,她问你“你整天去哪”,而你回答:我不想像你一样; 当你23岁的时候,她给你买家具布置你的新家,而你对 Friends said she bought the furniture is really bad, when you are 30 years old, she told you how to take care of the children, and youIn Singapore LongchampShe said: Mom, the times are different; when you are 40 years old, she gave you a call, said today is her birthday, and you replied: Mom, I’m very busy no time; when you are 50 years old, she is often sick, need your care, and you are busy for your children; finally one day, she passed away, suddenly thought of you all have never done, they are like a hammer blow to your heart. If the mother is still alive, so don’t forget than ever deeper in love with her. If she has unfortunately never left you, then you have to remember that love is the most selfless love! What did your mother do for you in your life, do you know

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Challenge thinking
The challenge of thinking Zhouzhuang Experimental Primary School West four class 4 Wang Ke today, the language class, we play a game, quick addition, this game can exercise the brain, you can also challenge the thinking. First of all, the teacher wrote many complex digits on the blackboard, neatly discharge on the blackboard, then use  chalk in each row are drawn to a hundred, let us put them together. “  oh oh oh, this is · · · &middotKors handbags outlet Michael; · · this is too complicated and too difficult! ” I thought. No way, I had to take out a piece of paper, anxious to forget them. My deskmate is not half, he put down his pen, kudiehanniang, heave great sighs, God told the Buddha said: “ too hard! Or not to do it! " my deskmate had no patience, math is not good, so difficult to meet the problem isn’t · · · · · · for me · · · · · · ok. At this time, Zhao Lingyue walked at a steady pace, with a scratch paper, with a smile on the podium, the answer to the teacher. “ God! He was so quick to use such a quick speed, and there was nothing wrong with it! ” the next respectively is He Junjie, Bian Huiting, Cao Yilin, Yuan Jiaxun won the “ Gold Award ”! They are agile Evans, extraordinary skill! I really admire full of admiration. The first Bureau finally draw a satisfactory conclusion, second to increase the difficulty, but I don’t need to do, the teacher only invited Yuan Jiaxun, Chen Jiaxi, Zhao Lingyue, Xue Jinyi, even the teacher himself also participated, including Jinyi Xue is the use of computer to calculate, the other is beautiful so simple, they want to try! I thought the computer was the fastest, but the teacher actuallyKors UK MichaelThan the computer is much faster, and particularly accurate, the computer probably used more than and 40 seconds, but the teacher wasTrapeze Bags CelineWith a second!!!!! Chen Jiaxi although the calculation, but it is a pity, is wrong, Zhao Lingyue is still thinking about it, Yuan Jiaxun straight surrender defeat. This game is so interesting! Challenge thinking

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Pen knowledge
A knowledge of Nanjing Jinling Huiwen junior school (class 11) Wang Yanyu “ sister, you are really out of the pen in the pencil case! & rdquo; the sister he is from his pencil case pulls out a lot of colorful pen, the pen is really cute, small and exquisite, bright colors & hellip; & hellip; placed in his hands, like a piece of art. Compared with her pen, my pen is a bit shabby. I thought, finished the homework, also want to buy it more than a dozen. Started to do the homework, sister always stop, to play with her beautiful pen, homework, I have written a lot of, and she did not even finish a. &ldCeline Prezzo BorsaQuo; Oh, why not write it out. ” sister exclaimed, I helped her to unscrew the cap and my days, the core is too fine a bit! “ sister, how much are you about this pile of money? ” I asked. “ not expensive, also on the more than and 20 bar. This is not good to write, throw it! ” my sister grabbed the pen and threw it into the trash can. It takes about a week to spend a dozen dollars on a pen, as she is. Fifty-two weeks a year, at least five hundred and twenty yuan! Not too expensive, but it is also a waste of it! Besides these brightly coloured pen, can not tell the blue black, looking up is a waste of time. The pen is so, how does the person taste also not like this? Some people, the appearance of the wind light, like the same pen, gorgeous shell is indeed a favorite. One eye to see, will definitely give up the simple pen, and the choice of gorgeous pen, but if unscrew the cap of a pen, you will find, it has a capacity of only a little less, and simple pen, but there are a lot of amount of water, enough to write a long time. Careful consideration, the first pen is not only no “ meaning ” also very expensive, it is better to choose the latter, cheap and affordable. Instead of wasting time on the appreciation of the shell, it is better to do more than second kinds of useful things. Besides, gorgeous appearanceBoston CelineBut also cover the inner unclear, the red blue black, like the heart unfathomable, and the two pen has simple and clear, can tell people all of it. This man has no clue,Handbags Australia GucciLife is simple and happy! If you think about it more, you might think that second simple pens are better. “ sister, I finished my homework, and we went to buy a pen! ” sister cried. I rushed sister shook their hands, I still choose not to buy books with her brightly coloured pen. Pen knowledge

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The sun in my heart
My romance experienced perish sang, desire and the test with high ratio, later really speculate a proud of the weather, while frightened, side low shallow sing methotrexate. My future is not a dream, I bravely put on the feet to wear a dream, while running, while thinking &hellipBags Barneys Celine; & hellip; & mdash; inscription I chase wasn’t the moon kiyoteru ripples, I crave not Xinghe pan blue waves waves. My trek, for the sun. I am Kua Fu, a pursuit of the sun. When I was a child, I listen to the elders said: the sun is the son of the emperor of heaven, is a great God, there is no one can catch up with. And I, is destined to rewrite the history of the characters, I was born with great power, one hand pull up a tree, is my little time to play. The sun, my opponent in my heart. I want to break your myth, I want to catch up with you! Finally one day, I set foot on the East journey, to chase my mind that a sun, from meLe pliage LongchampLittle hope. My times on the line, robust and strong, brave the wind and dew, wild fruit. During the day, the sun rises, he issued a dazzling light to provoke me, I am calm water, countersunk catching, night, moon floating sweet scented osmanthus, the night is cool, such as washing, I still did not stop. Dark night, gave me black eyes, but I still have to use it to chase my heart of the sun, that a hope. I am confident, and. But after countless sunrise sunset, I have been tired, but in my mind that a sun, there has been no change. I will always run to the East, toward the sun. I don’t run day and night, I need to rest at night to regain my strength. The earth is pillow, the night is. I looked all over the skyOnline CelineThe stars do not close their eyes, afraid to wake up, the sun has long been without a trace. The Yangtze River, the Yellow River has been unable to meet my thirsty throat, but I still insist to catch up, catch up with the sun in my heart, the eternal hope. I know, I don’t have much time. To realize one’s hope and immature non-stop to catch up, after & hellip; & hellip; loyal to me closer to the sun, I feel the warmth of the sun as a mother’s arms, I ran, tired, fell. But I finally entered the sun in my heart. Dim moonlight, I heard the between heaven and earth cyclotron with a trace of sound: don’t because of disappointment and difficulties associated with peacekeeping, strengthen your heart, alignment of the sun, you will see hope; don’t because of disappointment and shook hands with the frustration and, raised your hand, facing the sun, will hold hope; don’t because of disappointment and candidly admit defeat of failure, you stride step, towards the sun, you’ll want to be infinite. The sun in my heart


A shoulders as Eternal Sorrow
Q-how can worry about, like a river flows to the east. Now, it has been a shoulders as eternal sorrow, out of the other in the mountain style. Soul embedded in the night sky of stars with endless light, into the three brave, divided into seven his tenacity and life due to assume and wonderful. No fish, clear water to dusk in the shadow will not disappear.Hand bags phantom bag price CelineAs the lotus red damask shark xiao.the through tearsLuggage Boston Bags CelineTang Wan, to undertake a party with the tears of love. The flower for two months of bloom heartily crazy waiting for a hundred years, Selaginella with her dead the resurrection of perseverance bear the desert to her last a drop of blood of the press. Cicada to a summer song with endless time in the dark. Commitment is a belief, a sense of mission and a sense of responsibility. Everyone is responsible for his country. Li Si as a writer and thinker of the Qin Dynasty, although the official hamster, but also make a contribution. Zhumenjiurouchou way of dying. Du Fu is the heart of the people, willing to bet for life to satirize the bureaucracy of darkness. He assumes, is a national, is the world, is the sound of Gujiao rope worn by the feudal thousands on thousands of people badly mutilated. Wang Zhongyuan date scheduled for the north division, been forgotten but weng. Angus tens of thousand, world famous Great Jubilee land. Du Fu has taken the world, the world has given him the fate of eternal circulation. His poems condensed the rise and fall of the Tang Dynasty, he assumed the death of a boat in the loneliness, but also bear the tender son of the evil lying in the crack of love. Martin Ruud Kim ran outBag LongchampLife to asked the United States to cash the check, he did not believe stamp marked insufficient funds, published again passionate speech, emancipation was his mission. Lhasa waiting, looking for a lit butter lamps, rural teachers will life dedicated to the children with the hungry eyes. They use the most slender shoulders bear the heaviest and most great life, they pick a burden to walk in the rugged mountain road of the life, one step a footprint, no regrets. Nobody can casually succeed, shoulders the burden of the grinding time of baptism, left a decade long meditation, right hand a waiting, life is not a great brilliant achievements, and in and assume the responsibility and mission, a brave adds a tenacity, soul dominating each laughed softly to. Whatever the outcome, do all the best to run, to realize the value of self. Life, carrying a heavy mission a step by step toward the direction of the sun chasing, make your life colorful. May is the thorn birds, depletion of a world in search of the longest most of the sharp thorns, in with its beak stabbed into the moment, Ming life of farewell. A shoulders as Eternal Sorrow