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one hundred skirt the Book

Today, in school the teacher gives us a call, “one hundred skirt,” the book, I read it with great interest.

in which a man named Wanda. Petroski girls, we all think her name m91547 rossmore pm weird, it is precisely this strange name because of her, and she’s an old skirt, the class
bn1786 fashion prada denim with saffiano tote bags bn1786 white girls often tease her, laughed at her.
Until one day, Wanda says her family has a wide range of skirt one hundred, but the students did not believe her, still classmates laughed at, but also 8336 yves saint laurent 2014 small clafskin cabas chyc bag 8336 camel
I used to get this thing to make fun of Wanda, but she still endured to the end, because the family poverty Wanda transfer the.
After waiting for her transfer, tease her girls found Wanda how much love they ah!
Wanda is a lovely, kind, strong, has a dream girl, they decided to apologize to Wanda, and decided to get her back, Wanda can never come back.

After reading this book, I am also very sympathetic, she is a very good girl, someone hit her, she endured, laughed at her, she do not retaliate, and Wanda family is very poor, could not afford
a new dress, but her own beloved brush, draw one hundred skirt.

I feel like a man to be kind, brave, strong, have a dream, it will endure, Wanda is a good example.

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always tell endless stories modernly

This is a very impressive magical story, the protagonist is a boy named Bastian, fat, and a little clumsy, he in the school nothing like the others.

One morning, he was on the way to school, mysteriously into an old bookstore.
There, he accidentally discovered an amazing book: “Never tell endless stories’, there is an irresistible 9981 givenchy weave embossed antigona bag calf leather 9981 peach magic attracted him.
So he hid in the attic of the school to read the original book in the destruction of the kingdom of fantasy, naive Queen dying, as long as there is a human child as she plays a new name, the Queen innocence and fantasy can be saved Kingdom,
Thus, Bastien pulled into the story being, actually turned into a naive fantasy kingdom of the Queen and savior. Her naive to thank him and all agreed to let him realize their aspirations in the fantasy kingdom, until he found his true path
Until desire, since then, Bastien began a long journey of his perilous.
I found the book to be brave Bastien slowly starting m42226 petit noe come.

This book is like, like attracts Bastian attracted me, and I book Bastian with happiness and sorrow, that magic so I just looked up.
I think it was called “Always tell endless stories” because, fantasy is always endless talk, though the story of the book finished, but the illusion of this book extends the boundless, it really memorable

in the end is a master of illusion Mitchell? End of the masterpiece, this book is worth over twice, three times, four times, or even more times.

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My girlhood Feedback

Our school organized a cinema, thought it would be boring, the results almost to tears.

Film is about a girl’s story Fontaine called her legs disability, born in the era of the Cultural Revolution, she not only not good treatment, but also have to follow their parents into the countryside.
Optimistic, cheerful, she met a group of lovely children, honest folks made for her wheelchair wood.
Finally left the bed, leave the room, into the nature of Fontaine accidentally fell from his wheelchair, fell heavily to the ground in pain, she did not cry, because finally tears and hugs and moved earth portrait.
Sensible girl did not want to drag their parents, to be more useful to think of folks who return.
She taught love of learning acupuncture, she assiduously took his body to experiment, finally succeeded!
Fontaine learned doctor regardless of their mobility, enthusiasm for the folks who serve with, even in the neighboring village snow days arrived home for the patient to see a doctor, dark and cold days on the way back, she also infected with the cold, but she
I do not regret it.

The film is based on 0026 ldquo; Chinese style of Helen Keller 0026 rdquo; Zhang Haidi prototype shooting.
We know Zhang Haidi waist, self-taught, is currently Chairman of China Disabled Persons’ Federation, she is a model for people with disabilities.
No, she should be our role model for everyone.

Just Fontaine, Zhang Haidi, in China, in the world, there are many worth looking up and learning disabilities.
They in literature, sports, music has made the reach of ordinary people accomplished.
Bing was blind, but he’s “Traditional” is clear and bright; Beethoven deaf ears, but his “Symphony of Destiny” is enlightening.
We’ll learn something they might want to repeat a thousand times before may be completed; our little effort in their view may be a lifetime of luxury.
But they do for normal people is not easy to do.
Compared with them, I feel ashamed.

Fontaine Imagination and chasing their own future in a wheelchair, and through efforts to achieve her own dreams.
It seems that a person does not depend on whether he can succeed with a healthy body, but whether he has a clear vision, persistent efforts and strong will.
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The road to the square not only a book review m23295 pegase 65

People often say: 0026 ldquo; All roads lead to Rome.
0026 Rdquo; yes ah, life is so, if you go this way discover not reach the destination, you can go the other way.
These are also the I 0026 ldquo; More Than One Way to the Square 0026 rdquo; as comprehend.

The text told: Once, his father took to climb up the tower author, there are many, many feet 241153 yves saint laurent zippy wallet 241153 red multiple routes leading to the Roman Forum.
Thus, leading to the Roman Forum makes writer knows more than one way.
On another day, she and a friend to her sweater is very beautiful.
Her dream is fashion designer, would thus she decided to start to realize their dreams.
In her dream experience also has many twists and turns, but she remembered her father once said m32606 compact wallet, then, and overcome the difficulties.

Thus, I can not help but blush, think usually shrink from difficulties, I think difficulties, would not want to rest out of me, and very ashamed.
So I wanted: I encountered difficulties, if, in this way does not, then it should think of something later.
Otherwise, I would never do this.
So I have to work meticulously, Explorations chase at the end.

So, ah, the students is more than one way to the square.
Life, too, if you go this way discover reach the destination, then you can change one way to try!

Confident, will succeed

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Charlotte’s Web book review 300 words

We still remember the friendship of the word it?
I believe we must never forget.

In the summer, I read a very moving book 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; “Charlotte’s Web.”
Perhaps this book is very common, but inside it contains a different meaning.

It tells a story: Mr. Zuckerman’s barn, happy life with a group of small animals, including spider pig Wilbur and Charlotte established the most sincere friendship.
However, one of the ugliest news broke barn calm: the future destiny of Wilbur actually become bacon ham.
As a pig, Wilbur distraught seems to only accept the mercy of fate.
Charlotte said, however seemingly insignificant helping Wilbur.
Charlotte complete reversal of his own actions Wilbur’s fate.
But the spider’s life has to come to an end 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

After reading this book, some people may be moved to their friendship, but some people have no moves.
Anyway, I read this book to know deeply how precious friendship, which has priceless.
Some people may not like the story in real life as affectionate, but it puts her friends felt the friendship between the two has been a good end.

Like there’s a story, as long as friends encounter difficulties, he must come forward and do their certain ability to help her.
For example: One time, my friend because they were my parents scolded a few, heck.
Every day with a face plate, a little spirit did not, at this moment, I ran over to her and said: 0026 ldquo; it does not matter, you just smile, bad things always leave.
0026 Rdquo;

Yes, I read this book a better understanding of the Auld Lang Syne, even what kind of difficulties encountered, if a friend will certainly come to the rescue.
Finally, let us shout: 0026 ldquo; Long live the friendship, friendship Hooray!
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naughty Emir book review

Closing a thick “naughty emir,” I feel really naughty Emir great, Although he has a pair of round blue eyes, round face flushed, curly light hair, it all z0451w obsession gm
impression, give a listen.
However, he is an out naughty.

Emil was so naughty, he put his sister when the flag out into the top of the flagpole, the pig buckle to the father who put a frog into a coffee basket; he was so brave to help long Miss Hu Zaidi caught
run rampant thieves 0026 ldquo; 0026 rdquo ;; sparrow he is so full of a sense of justice for the elderly prepare a sumptuous Christmas dinner, and punish the tigress-like workhouse female foreman.
Oh, he was a good angel, like a mother to take care of dying generally poor little children 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; a pig 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

Emile Emile is always m40730 louis vuitton eden pm m40730 is with 0026 ldquo; cat child 0026 rdquo; carrying 0026 ldquo; 0026 rdquo ;, wall naughty trouble throughout the year, but will always be kids pistachios!

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Today, the best book review

In the philosophy of life, the hope of tomorrow and miss the old are the two faces of a piece of gold.
They are the same thing, just different patterns.
Perhaps young people are more looking forward to tomorrow, the elderly miss yesterday.

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; Today you moved to a brick, although very simple even 88035 celine asymmetrical original leather samll bag 88035 black to some trivial, but paving you tomorrow for some accumulation; today is a
piece jacket draped over his body, while not lavish, but it can block the wind for you, so you do not cold; today is to unscrew the faucet out of the water, so that you live a more brilliance 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; through the ages, many successful people in business footprint, all confirmed with such a simple truth: today, there tomorrow fighting victory today, there tomorrow’s successful struggle.

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; as American scientist Thomas Edison, his life studious, thoughtful, hard work, in 75 years time, but also on time every day to the laboratory attendance at work, he almost work more than 10 a day in decades
a few hours in the evening in the library reading books 3-5 hours.
Because Edison cherish every day, every day struggle, became a wonderful collection of life 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; the life of the invention have 1100 much.

In our daily life, learning, there is always not straighten 0026 ldquo; Today 0026 rdquo; and 0026 ldquo; future 0026 rdquo; situation positions.
Today the game is successful, people will hold the results complacent, let 0026 ldquo; Today 0026 rdquo; immersed in the joy of success, and even lost a 0026 ldquo; future 0026 rdquo; direction of the struggle; today fail, someone will be frustrated.
This is not true, and today’s success or failure, have become 0026 ldquo; 0026 rdquo ;, past success in the future you will have to see if you can take advantage of numerous future 0026 ldquo; Today 0026 rdquo ;.

its been indulging in a fantasy future, it is better to today really into 0026 ldquo; Today 0026 rdquo; this question!
Everything from now on, we do not 189833 ffpag 9761 ‘d gold’ large hobo make bright overshadowed today.
Because today we are more often than not fail, but fail to take advantage of today no.
So only 224778 fpn1o 4568 hi-top lace-up sneakers with interlocking g detail have a good grasp of today, in order to weave into a moving, beautiful ribbons.
Let us work together to accumulate 0026 ldquo; Today 0026 rdquo; it, today is always the best!

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read behind the success felt

weekend, I saw an article in the essay book 0026 mdash; a behind 272951 erp10 4265 gucci sandals shoes success.
This article makes me inspired.

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; This essay tells a touching story: a young man did not go to college, only to the restaurant as a waiter, but the boss scolded violent, over salary deductions.
By chance, the young company to make music Wu production assistant.
He kept writing songs, but have been put aside Wu.
Young people do not give up, continue the song was written.
Wu was finally touched it and promised to find a singer to sing his songs, but they are not.
Young had always written songs.
Wu young people themselves sing the album.
Finally, he succeeded.
He is 0026 mdash; Jay.

0026 nbspn41102 westminster pm; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; read this essay, I understand why Jay would be successful because of his perseverance, never give up, and paid 100 times more than others efforts and

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; to this end, I feel ashamed.
Because I always wanted to give a little setback encountered.
For example, once, I want to learn skating, so call my dad taught me.
I put on skates, just stand up, it’s very hard to fell a Gouken mud.
I slowly stood up, 0026 ldquo; Oh 0026 rdquo; I fell down, ass fall terrible pain.
I was very angry, shouting, refused to learn the dead.

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 hb108 hermes calf leather belt hb108nbsp; 0026 nbsp; Now I read the article, I feel that these little things and experiences to more than Jay, really vulnerable, small black see big black ah!

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small orange light book review

winter vacation, I read Bing Grandma’s “little orange light” in this article.
Article description is a brave little girl under the rule of the Kuomintang difficulties still optimistic, strong, brave spirit.

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; first of all I am impressed is: girl’s mother vomited blood, she was alone in a mountain, to the Township Office, please call the doctor to help his mother.
How brave she is and calm ah!
If you replaced me, I probably would have been scared silly.

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbs282317 a7m0g 9022 gucci diana bamboo handle totep; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; secondly touched me is: girl’s dinner sweet potato porridge even just to see where my heart felt sad.
Whenever the New Year because I can eat delicious meals, watch colorful fireworks, wearing beautiful new clothes, and even Mom and Dad to travel together.
And r20242 medium ring agenda cover her compared to how much I 7430 miu miu tote handbags snake veins 7430 yellow happy ah!
But the girl is still in with a smile, her optimism and how great is!

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; Finally, the girl also made a small orange light gave the author, she is what a naive little girl!
I, as her peers, she needs to learn from too much!
I also hope that I can be like her, optimistic, strong, brave.

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Life Life book review

read “Life of Life ,” a text , the text 277520 ank0g 1000 ‘jackie’ medium shoulder bag would only be ignored bee makes me feel raw action :

0026 nbsp; When hair bee holds many lessons for the pilots to be stepped mercilessly buried in this poor has been ignored but did not yield little things mean : in three consecutive drilled it from the soil ,
scarred ; but this little guy actually thinks he can fly , as a pilot is to explore an unfamiliar aircraft , seriously correct those errors with inexcusable …… when this little guy flew wildly that mirror lake
when , as if they are listening to their own heroic …… that is the envy of the bee that perseverance got pilots admiration.
The incredible life , which is to ignore the existence of n41534 speedy 25 ……

0026 nbsp; In life, there are people that like bees , they all write a hymn to life :

0026 nbsp; ” gold digger ” in this article I have in mind , this song never tired of the hymn : nowhere overgrown prospectors who use earth-shattering roar scare the bear ; he was killed by ruthless teeth
this is the first wolf …… hymn to life always inspired us , the great and unyielding life ……

0026 nbsp; earthquake a matter of wits, frightened disaster , read countless lives and destroyed can not count the number of building m9706f ixia gm …… desperate mother who still remember her for
children have chosen to disregard the protection of life and death ; who can think of brave teachers, in order to protect the students, is put 0026 ldquo; dead 0026 rdquo; out the window , but she did not hesitate to make their own protection that the great body of students ; there
…… those heroic soldiers their lives , though short , but the spirit forever !
Exchange had countless lives ; well, they can not extend the length of life, but to expand the width of life, make their lives more colorful ……

0026 nbsp; ah !
I seem to be ignored are staring exist !
Hymn of life is unafraid of death , is indomitable , selfless dedication ……