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I flew book review

This summer , I read two books Huang Beijia .
I was most impressed by “I fly ” this book.

This book is about the primary school graduation class of six boys and three single obviously .
His enthusiasm ﹑ generous attempts , middle and long distance love , but prematurely lost his mother and grandmother .
He lives in frustration as one can hope for a miracle happen.
When he was the most difficult time , new boys That somebody Asia almost changed his outlook on life.
They and the moon had bought two small rabbits, and second-year student to observe them together.
That somebody obviously single and Asia to help psw0016 prada shoes a movie advertising.
They also talked about 0026 ldquo; fly 0026 rdquo; ideal for helping the moon courage on the program .
That somebody Asia but fell seriously ill after leaving it alone obviously .
That about 0026 ldquo; fly 0026 rdquo; ideals and deep concern That somebody Asia , accompanied by a single obviously grow.
On the eve of graduation in the eyes of the students concerned , the single Asian obviously feeling That somebody will always stand on the shoulders and fell since 224964 eib0g 2535 ‘bamboo’ medium top handle bag with hand stitching own sports school exams in a single clearly in
cried my heart , I fly up !
That somebody I would like to fly like Asia ! That somebody I want to achieve the dream of Asia !
In the future there will be more beautiful to fly higher and farther , obviously waiting for a single and his classmates .

After reading this book , I am emotionally , the novel depicts the profound friendship between the single and That somebody obviously between Asia .
Single obviously a poor student , I’ve met a gradual increase in performance after the Asian That somebody , cheerful up, ultimately , to achieve their dreams.
It can be seen to pay a good friend , you can change a person ‘s life.
In my normal life , there are many good friends who helped me to overcome difficulties and learn solidarity.
Human life is inseparable friends .

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lecture to hear a sense of

This afternoon , the school held a lecture .
0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; with a few fresh instructors uncle ‘s case , about the process of how young people are on the path of crime .

a crime before the age of thirteen pupils fact let 88013 miu miu drawstring nappa tote bag 88013 grey I was most impressed .
That students take, the fruit knife into the school , because a small dispute with classmates happen , even his sword stabbing each other , the result is the students fell on his sword, and when the police asked him why he would be brought into the school ,
Why when stabbing classmate , his answer is staggering , he actually said that he just wanted to try to buy a new knife fast unhappy , how naive ah, here I hear a myriad of thoughts , a little fruit
knife casually claimed innocent lives , the original ordinary life bit small h1002 hermes belt leather in black / camel with h gold buckle thing , if you zs008w sunglasses sloppy, do not know the dangers of things , that is,
ignorance of the law , the results can be imagined , not only destroyed the others, but also harm themselves .

So we have to everywhere in France as the center, do not do anything illegal , and raise their awareness of the law , because everybody only argument, the study of law , law-abiding , our society will be harmonious family .

We are the future of our country , we should take to maintain the majesty of the law , so for us there is nothing like the .
In this appeal to the kids do a good law-abiding citizens.
0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp;

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Sherlock Holmes book review

With his eccentric cold and conceited , but his extensive knowledge , dashing , with superior reasoning skills , and keen observation !
He was able to identify more than 140 kinds of soot, are familiar with the various stages of society , all kinds of professional human hand ; he was just a glance , you can infer that has gone through a stranger ; several mud ink alone or pants clothes on him
point , be able to determine when the crime criminals acting ..7428 miu miu tote flap bags calf leather 7428 blue …. all of his impressive all , he is the name 8222 yves saint laurent cabas chyc bag large 8222 flame Dingding
Sherlock Holmes !

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; Whether it is relatively flat case , still thrilling bizarre case , all without losing the wonderful story of Holmes reasoning embellishment .

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp;. Holmes, full Mingxieluoke Holmes .
He has six feet tall , she is very slim , sharp eyes narrowed like love all the time thinking, slender high aquiline nose , looked exceptionally resourceful and decisive, Founder of the lower jaw rather prominent , it can be seen
is a very persevering person .

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; This book is divided into ” A Study in Scarlet ,” ” four signature” , “terrorist Valley” three chapters .
One Chapter Twenty Seven .
Look at the ” copper beech case ” 232942 ecuqn 1263 ‘jungle’ large tote when bamboo detail and metal b with, the contents inside thrilling , fascinating, these bizarre plot , full of imagery of the text, has attracted the attention of many people , so many
people crazy .

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; Holmes wit cracked many cases , tells a bizarre story after another , so that readers immersive.

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; Holmes has too many places worth learning , careful observation and rigorous reasoning , unique way of thinking , difficulties remain calm.
I think these are ordinary people who do not appear .

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; This is probably unique and bizarre plot attracted many people’s eyes.

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flying classroom book review

” flying classroom” is one of my favorite reading , this book has Wu Li , Yao Nepal , wearing horse pavilion , Yijia Lan , Matias , Ge Luodi etc. hero .

Read this book, I know the pro world and friendship between people is the most important and most precious feelings.
Even more difficult , and solidarity with their loved ones is unstoppable , even if there is no amount of money, wealth will not lead back to the precious friendship .
Affection and love, will be the strong backing of everyone in the world ! I love the book justice ban teachers and teachers , because they do not like visitors to the problem of war , just like workers a fair level .
I like the book Wu timid same reason .
After reading this book, I understand that people may not necessarily be completely shy timid , sometimes unexpected when you may also be more than self .

You are free to read , 903322 miu miu tote bags croco veins 903322 coffee I think you’ll like me to put it down .
This book, which I have a great deal of truth: friendship is unable to use m60278 sa241153 yves saint laurent zippy wallet 241153 apricotrah noeud wallet money in return , be sure to cherish it .

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motherly love story book review

” Mother Love Story” is an article , which tells of a 212225 fagao 4061 slip-on sneakers with signature web a called Mimi ‘s classmates, but her mother too spoiled her, so she developed a 0026 ldquo; clothes to hand ,
food to mouth 0026 rdquo; habits.
Later, the United States and the United States went to college, but she was soon dropped out , because she left her mother will not do anything , she can not live independently.
Her mother cried 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

Eagle know why so vigorous it?
Because they were born soon out on my own in search of food , while the mother eagle want them to be independent , to have the courage to grow toward the sun !
Because of love, so let love exile horizon , perhaps now we can all enjoy the same like Mimi mother arranged for us , but we should rethink that one day we left the arms of their parents , the ability to live independently ?
Can you dream of flying like an eagle sun ?
Flowers grown in a greenhouse is very beautiful, beautiful, but leave the greenhouse , they can also be so beautiful?
Friends , have you seen the plum it?
They Aoxue Lingshuang but still so beautiful fragrance , because tested in snowy environments, subjected to tempering, they are so dominate proudly bloom.

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Think of ourselves, have to feel ashamed : My mother called my own laundry, cook their own food , their own independent life, but I do not listen to her words , but always thought she did not love me!
In retrospect , I now feel that I Haoben good stupid .
In later life, I 240242 af51n 4014 ‘new bamboo’ medium top handle bag with tassels an to learn to be independent , learn self-reliance.
I think only I do so in the future I can go further on the road of life, go more stable !

Goethe said : 0026 ldquo; Who if not master of its own , who will always be a slave.
0026 rdquo; right, I can not be like ” Mother Love Story ” in the United States and the United States , I like to be like Eagles , fly , fly sky, do live strong !

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Banhu and Snowshoe book review

Wednesday day, I read a book called [ Banhu and Snowshoe ] , reading this book really touched me , so I most moving part is 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; Snowshoe say ;
Thank you do not eat me.
Snowshoe know it is dying , but it is still grateful Banhu , despite the death , but the death and refuses the same.
So dead , it felt very happy.

Banhu say ; I’m sorry .
My mother ate *** mom .
Snowshoe says 282338 eqz1g 9581 eva hobo with woven leather, tassels, and bamboo detail; not to mention that thing up .
0026 nbsp;

These words , so I was very moved , 0026 nbsp; Banhu would rather starve to death , nor 203623 ah01g 2019 ‘pelham’ large shoulder bag to eat the rabbit , because the rabbit let Banhu remembered before memories

I have encountered such a situation before , I went to the zoo to see a tiger , a rabbit sitting beside it , they look at me, I felt very strange, when I looked at them both eyes
increasingly weak at the right time , I intend to touch the rabbit, tiger next to it may have been called , let me touch the rabbit , which I understand, even if a person just how weak 90163 miu miu tote bags calf leather 90163 wheat,
their friendship is very strong , even how weak the tiger , but he still wanted to protect the rabbit

Really touched me 0026 nbsp;

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drops in the Ya-Ya book review

0026 nbsp; my mother helped me to borrow a ” drops in the Ya-Ya ” to me.
This book touched me too , and I read it in one breath .
Book talked about living in the mountain village of Yaya family was poor , 9 years old, she would very much like to go to school , easing the family had no money, so her sister dropped out to go to work , let Yaya school.
As her grandmother was sick, in order to see the doctor ran out of the money at home .
Ah 232955 ahb1n 8102 ‘sukey’ medium hobo with pleat detail, detachable Ah had to drop out.
In many enthusiastic people with the help of back to school again .

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; When I see Yaya in their efforts to adopt the hop -level exam school , I really m9n61733 snapped billfold 0026 coin purse1697 alma bb very happy for her ,
admire her.
When she skip a grade , because the family had no money and had to drop out , when my eyes moist with tears , my heart was very sad.
Could not help but think: I’m really lucky , born in a happy family, never to worry about money to go to school , as well as my own pocket money , free to buy their favorite snacks to eat , you can buy love
toys, never thought there was too poor kids not go to school .
I later decided not squandering pocket money , reasonable to spend their pocket money , the money spent on useful place , as much as possible to help those in need of help , do a thrifty person.

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The Scarlet maternal book review

mothers love their children , kids love mother.
N is for this reason that this world is full of love.
I read it a touching article , she is entitled ” Bloody motherly love .”

The paper writes 257046 ejr2g 6466 ‘madison’ large hobo with oversized zipper pulls a one such girl , her father has already died , the mother in the cleaning company.
Mother and daughter mother ‘s meager wages thanks to supplement the family income .
Because the mother company to work in a clean , so let her feel very inferior everywhere , she never introduced to the students working mom , did not dare to bring the students to play at home , school and even ran into my mother , but also for the students, said : 0026 ldquo; the
people are not my mother , is home to hire a maid .
0026 rd211810 ffp5g 9761 ‘charlotte’ medium hoboquo;

Gradually , gradually, the share of low self-esteem slowly become disgusted , even transformed into contempt.
This is a mother, is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue .

On one occasion , the mother company put a day off , she was ready to take m6660j key and change holder children to play with snow-capped mountains .
Both of them happy for a while .
In order to create an atmosphere , they deliberately place to come skiing wearing a white .
Coach repeatedly warned not to exceed the red line , otherwise , you may encounter an avalanche .
But they both have long since been dazzled joy to coach , then forget about .
Soon, they both lost on the fans in this snow-capped mountains in the way, the most unfortunate is that 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; encounter an avalanche .
Rescue aircraft flew from above , did not find them, because they are white body , even the underwear is white.
Gradually, they run out of stamina.
Daughter passed out , woke up , he found himself lying in the hospital .
The doctor told her that her mother cut stone front blood , climb a long time.
Rescue aircraft saw an obvious trail, know the following people , just saved her.
While her mother was gone forever .
Girls never imagined that her mother 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; a cleaner , with the power of love to create a miracle.

Love Divine incomparable; love , spotless ; love , noble and beautiful!
Only the power of love in the world , will let the world shocked .

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race against time book review

Normally, I am learning , life, little attention the passage of time , that time is always there, with too exhausted.

0026 nbsp; today I learned ” a race against time ,” a text , it makes me really understand : 0026 ldquo; all the time, things will never come back ; if you’ve been and time
race , you can succeed.
0026 rdquo;

0026 nbsp; thus think of myself, I feel very ashamed.
Usually , the teachers in the school assignments , they can drag on drag , I thought, plenty of time to go home , go home to write.
Back home , met a good drama , want to see ; sometimes want to play games on the computer .
This and other homework , to practice two characters, sometimes to complete the exercises and assignments in English classes, writing classes, the teacher assigned Mathematical Olympiad classes , sleep late every night, always late .

0026 nbsp; by learning of this article, so I feel so embarrassed that his reason , the key is not to seize hwb98028 hermes 2012 boot time .
Yourself if you can make time to play a little less at school , the teacher assignments , can be done in school , try to finish school , so back home , you can free up more time to do otherwise .

0026 nbsp; If I could seize the time , the first teacher assigned to complete the learning task , I will be able to squeeze in more time , learn calligraphy and calligraphic brush , learn Mathematical Olympiad , writing , and English , but also to read some extra books
In this way, I can at the same time, learn more knowledge than others .
So I went in front of time.

n58027 camera bag 0026 nbsp; I firmly believe that a person walking in front of time , must be a winner !

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noodle grandmother’s book review

Today I read an article , article is entitled “Grandma ‘s noodle ” There are a lot of feelings .

cake look, much like what we call bread .
Or that it is bread, just different names Bale.
Grandma steamed 245884 fxobt 8555 belt with double g buckle cake , it was surprisingly delicious .
Just when the pan , with a slightly yellow , unlike 80078 celine luggage phantom square bags crocodile leather 80078 grey town grocery store bread, white too scratchy eyes , as people saw it lose appetite.
Grab a cake in his hand, softly hot a hot , heat up the whole person , not even hot hot soft heart .
On a steaming hot , only significant bite a big mouth , and tender fragrance will flow over the mouth, billowing drip into the stomach to go.
Soft and sweet taste, tongue between the teeth to stay in , as people unforgettable.
Read this I could not help think of the childhood scene, the New Year, I went to grandma’s house , my grandmother would make some of my favorite red bean group, radish group , etc., whenever I go on the first bite , it will
felt a kinship taste coming to me , the second bite down, feel more delicious than I usually sell in the streets , safer , cleaner 0026 hellip; 0026 hem91703 bellflower pmllip; short grandma than the famous chef
even higher twelve .
Let me eat unforgettable.
All the time thinking about the kind of taste.

first time to eat my grandmother ‘s noodle mother left shortly after .
Childhood living in my mother’s side , watching her slowly backs away , suddenly felt a pang of grievance.
Lips moving , Grandma ‘s candy rattling to fly out.
Yet , such as grandparents react, I have wah tears.
At the time of being like a suckling calf , is inseparable from the same cow .
Read this reminds me of my childhood , too busy to do business because of my parents brought me to grandma’s house .
I’m not like the author of the text as miss their parents , but glad to get a jump three feet high, because I know that at home, my parents saw me scolded me wrong a little thing , but at grandma’s house , someone spoil me love
me , even if I have done something wrong , grandmother , grandfather and uncle were not as severe as the father and mother disposal , but time and again told me that I was wrong in what place , not to hit me .

The family is selfless , as long as you know to cherish , it would not be lost.
If you do not cherish it a part of family, lost so never get up .

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