My pencil case
I have a cuboid stationery box, outside the box cover, other places are pink. Surely you will ask me: why do you want to choose pink, since it is a man, you should choose black or blue. Because I am a Virgo, the lucky color is pink. I cover with a striking pattern, that is everyone’s love “pleasant goat and grey wolf. The vast expanse of grassland, the extra clear sky, the hot sun. The clever running strong and sturdy pleasant goat and grey wolf that never give up. The wolf is chasing the sheep, the situation is so nervous. My pencil box is not only patterns varied and colorful and & ldquo; admitted users & rdquo; many I this is not king mother-in-law sells melon & mdash; & mdash; puff, the stationery box, how also regarded as & ldquo; senior villa & rdquo;. “ villa ” the first layer of the ruler of a brother, the triangle board grandfather, look at his body on a road traces, you said he was not old age? Look how well they sleep. Don’t bother. Walk to the two floor to see. The two floor is divided into several compartments, the smallest one, I lived inside rubber. My neighbor has a pencil eraser pen pal, sister. I don’t know you find no, in the south-east of the ball point pen sister room hidden a room, inside is warm but shy pencil sharpener little brother. Oh, wrong, I heard my eraser scream. Say: “ let meHandbags sale GucciCome on, new brother ”. I said: “ how did I not think of it? ” after the rubber brother’s hard line, finally gone wrong. But, out of thin air painting, painting is not straight ah. Suddenly, I heard someone touch me in the back. It was a ruler. “ do you have anything to do with me? Hey, ruler, on the ”. I said, “ come and help me! ” “ ok” I saw a ruler and a pencil. Look at that line. Not good! The pencil is bare. At this time, the little brother sharpener said: “ let me! ” after the treatment, little brother sharpener, leadBags LongchampThe pen boy has finally recovered. What about? My “ senior villa ” in the household, although the character is different, but get along fairly well! Would like all households with “ senior villa ” with my happy to spend the primary school life. I love meDion Italia CelineStationery box! Love my stationery!

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“Shuizhu Yu” out of danger
Students, you must have seen boiled chicken, duck, but they are all “ sacrifice &rdquo. However, today I introduced the “ boiled fish ” also live well. Class, Mr. Wu took the iron, alcohol lamp, tube, and other instruments from under the table. The instrument is assembled. Mr Wu is from the bowl and scoop out Luo Jiali’s love of the fourth of the goldfish. The fourth is Wu into the test tube, the tube height to — — about thirty-five degrees. Immediately, the students talking about the incident: & ldquo; said to cook the fish to eat, some said to see the lost already a long time of Liyudiaolongmen, some said to be magic, with some saying that & hellip; & hellip; & rdquo; & ldquo; is boiling water to support live fish & rdquo; Wu in the mouth. Small goldfish seem to hear what we say, ready to go from the test tube, but the test tube is up to thirty-five degrees, the goldfish did not go out. Wu “ &rsquo ’ evil; withCelineThe lighter “ aimed at ” the alcohol lamp, fish Huan cried open; “ we climbed down, while burst! ” so, we do a good job in the “ preventive measures ”. PA, PA, “ lighterStyle Celine Handbags NewHow to fight not burning? ” Wu said. Listen to the goldfish said; “ I fudamingda luck, God will not let me die, you dare to touch me? ” Wu huff, called “ traitor ” Li Linrui bought a lighter. Wu againCeline handbags priceA & ldquo; evil & rdquo; land Lighter & ldquo; sighting & rdquo; alcohol lamp & ldquo; PA & rdquo; a sound, alcohol lamp. Small goldfish look well, ready to use it to Nirvana — — liyudiaolongmen. The sprint from the tube, it rushed up, but the mouth who gave it a bit hot, second times, it was hot. After a rush, once burned, finally, it is Wu back to the aquarium. & ldquo; boiled fish & rdquo; back to the aquarium, but & ldquo; fish inherent in a death, or weightier than Mount Tai or lighter than a feather & rdquo; I don’t know how it will. But there seems to be a fourth “ sequelae ”, has been submerged in the bottom, it may feel safer at the bottom!

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The motherland in my heart
Motherland in our hearts & ldquo;, people do not want to be slaves, the our flesh and blood to build our new great wall, the Chinese nation to the most dangerous time & hellip;. & rdquo; whenever the majestic “March of the volunteers were song sounded, every Chinese children knowing tide surging blood. The song, which was created in the war of resistance against Japan, inspired the Chinese people to resist the Japanese imperialist aggression with infinite courage. During the Anti Japanese war is Chinese history a period of surge high and sweep forward forever in the annals of history. The war of resistance against Japan is aCeline Prezzo BorsaA hundred years Chinese people against the invasion of the first complete victory of the war of national liberation. Let us as the “Anthem” passionate melodies, review of that eventful years. The war of resistance against Japan officially began in July 1937 and ended in August 1945. Among them, let me feel the most is little cowherd. During the Anti Japanese War, a national famous Anti Japanese hero appeared in Laiyuan County, Hebei province. Out mopping a ravine in the Japanese devils, in order to cover thousands of villagers and cadres, is the cattle he regardless of the risk of their own lives, the enemy into the Eighth Route Army ambush. The Japanese put him angrily to pick on the gun on the tip of a fall in the big stones. Cadres and fellow villagers out of danger. The little hero is heroic. His name is Wang Erxiao, 13 years old at the time of sacrifice. His heroic deeds and dedication will always inspire and inspire us, he will always live in our hearts forever.Borse CelineIs a good example of our study! Bingdi flowers bloom. Fly birds fly. Fighting against the long march road. For the motherland to contribute to the youth and strength. Epic stories abound, after several years of bloodshed and sacrifice and hard work, strong sons and daughters of the Chinese nation together, finally in the Tiananmen Gate rising from the five-star red flag. In October 1, 1949, Chairman Mao solemnly declared: “ the Central People’s Government of the people’s Republic of China was set up today! ” the sonorous voice shook the city of Beijing, Chinese shocked, shocked the whole world. China from weak “ East Asia ” be shocked the world “ Oriental lion ”. From then on, the ancient Chinese nation has gained new life, and the Chinese history has entered a great newBags Barneys CelineTimes. Five star red flag, fluttering in the wind. The song of victory so loud, sing for our dear motherland. Go from rich, strong and prosperous. … …

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Without the Communist Party there would be no new China
Without the Communist Party, there is no new China, the Chinese nation is a united, strong and brave nation. The Chinese Communist Party and the Communist Party of China led the people’s army to rely on the masses, after decades of hard work and sacrifice, and finally raised the five-star red flag in Tiananmen square, the establishment of a new china. October 1949, Chairman Mao in Tiananmen officially solemnly declared: the founding of the people’s Republic! The Chinese people stood up from now on. The new China people take leadership of countries, freedom China people began a new life in the &ldquo, very clean;Celine Dion canzoni” on the paper, the beginning of a new and beautiful picture. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, new China’s science and technology technology is becoming more and more advanced. The products made by new China have gone to the world, such as washing machines, refrigerators, and food, clearly written in “ in china&rdquo made;. Our space technology is getting more advanced. Remember Uncle Yang Liwei, heLongchGeraud CelineBag ampJanuary 1998 officially became the first Chinese astronaut. He is currently the deputy commander of the manned space program of China’s manned space project, the general command, the special rank, the super astronaut. And the people’s good fighter — — Lei Feng. Lei Feng was a great communist fighter. He was born in a poor family, a little old parents died. But these trials did not make him sad and desperate, makes him unceasingly enterprising, positive efforts, enthusiasm to help the many people who need help, he firmly set name service wholeheartedly, not to forget the hardships of the masses of the people, loyal to the party, loyal to the people, loyal to the motherland, loyal to the socialist & hellip; & hellip; he is very modest, never complacent show that praise is not proud, do good deeds are not remembered. Lei Feng in the army life two years and eight months, awarded second class merit once, twice three, by Jia repeatedly, was named & ldquo; model Communist Youth League & rdquo;, & ldquo; saving pacesetter & rdquo; was elected deputies to the people’s congresses of Fushun City. Under the leadership of the Communist Party, our hardship has come to the head, and now we are not in the war, has a peace. Every country in the world is learning Chinese culture, as the Chinese people, I am very proud. Students, you have this vibrant vitality and vitality, you take the responsibility of building the motherland, action, and establish the ideal and belief, learning culture, thinking of qualified successors of the goal to strive.

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The imprint is engraved on my heart. day
I dream of this day, you want to know meClutch Doctor Bags CelineSo what is the hope of this day? Because our class is going to take us to the park. Up in the morning, I am excited unceasingly to wear clothes, through the window to see dark clouds floating in the sky, the sun father-in-law and we hide and seek, God opened a joke of the underground the rain drops. At that time I was very depressed, I thought today may not be a. Can not for a while, the rain stopped, the sky is lit up, my heart, also “ sunny ” up. So my mom took me on the road. One to the park, I immediately on the station, after the teacher finished, he took us up. While I was on the ladder, I got a fan to the wind. When climbing a ladder, I count more than 40 ladders. Came to the ground, the teacher took us to play a game, the game’s name is: four words. Miss Chen to the boys into a team, the girls into a team, in which the election of a person to catch us,Bags Singapore LongchampAs a result, the team caught 9 people. Not for a moment, Mr. ChenClassic Box Bags CelineAnd take us to visit the weather related machines, such as: “ ”; Ce Lei device, rain gauge, there is a bucket, which is measured in the rain… We first activities is to squeeze the balloon, the rule is: first blow big balloon, then let the two men to put it crushes and first crushes the team victory. Time a second to the past, and finally to our team, the students in our class to give me, finally, we won. When we got the prize, our team got the bear’s sugar. We got the sugar and we all jumped up like a rabbit. I put sugar in the mouth, slowly, I not only taste the delicious sugar, but also to taste the joy of their own success. Time flies. It’s time to have a picnic. I can not wait to take all the things to eat, take out, our team of six people to eat a big meal, the results are still many after eating. After eating, they threw the food, I think: it is a waste of! After the picnic, the teacher took us to play “ the wooden man &rdquo. Play well, I sang a song, the name of the song is: “ hold up the sun’s flower ”. After the song, the students go to be reluctant to part. Today is the happiest day for me, the most memorable day of my growing up. It makes me try to the joy of success.

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For the holidays
For the mother of the festival “ hey, today is ‘ three eight ’ women’s day, to send her mother what? ” home, I did not change even shoes, began to think about a problem. What’s the delivery? I suddenly think of my mother usually go to work very hard at home, and I had a flash of housework bear hardship without complaint, are! Make a meal for my mother! I hurriedly finished my homework, while my mother come back early, I started the plan. First, I take the three cups (meters) meters, the rice Amoy Amoy, into the rice cooker, & ldquo; solemnly & rdquo; press &ldquBorse sito Ufficiale CelineO; ”. Next, begin to cook, I burned the first dish is & ldquo; onion scrambled eggs & rdquo;, I first & ldquo; super invincible fierce tears onion & rdquo; carefully carried out. Gently dial to the skin, use water to wash, then carefully took out a kitchen knife, gently cut down, suddenly, my eyes, thinking: who threw flare? Can be too white, my eyes itching incomparable. That & ldquo; don’t fight to excel & rdquo; tears flow to come out, I Wawadajiao, head into the already prepared water, eyeSac CelineEyeKors UK MichaelAs long as the open one, after a long time, it will not hurt. Really do not know how to correspond to this hateful guy, how to do it? I’m going to with the sword of onion kuangkan, when I think of the mother usually tell me the knife both sides with water blunt once and recut will no longer have juice splashing out, try, hey, is really the spirit! The onion was cut, and began to stir the egg. I put the good ham sausage in the egg and stir it up. Stir well after, began to put oil in the pot, and then add onions, pot immediately blasted pot, at this time, a scream broke the & ldquo; quiet & rdquo;:“! My hand! ” … … after a busy, a few dishes finally came out! At this time, I look at the watch, from the mother’s home to the time, slightly tired I am happy to wait for my mother to come back … … when my mother came back to smell a fragrance, I will be one one on the table, said: “ mother, today is ‘ three eight ’ women’s day, I wish you a happy holiday! ” mother looked and moved to say: “ son, you grow up! ”

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Zhongshan Botanical Garden
Today, the school organized to visit the Zhongshan botanical garden, which is the day I have been looking forward to, I carried a backpack filled with joy on the bus bound for Zhongshan botanical garden. Along the way, facing the genial spring breeze, a roadside Congcong unknown little purple flowers is Huan, seemed to welcome our arrival. After a bumpy road, it’s more than ten minutes to get there. Walked into the door, fresh air suddenly it is refreshing, sparkling on the left side of the artificial lake, blowing the waves of cool wind. Continue to move forward, what I saw was threeTrapeze Bags CelineThe building, the walls are made of glass, in the sky, is blue. Listen to the tour guide said that if you look down from the sky, the three buildings are like three pieces of green leaves, which is a strange landscape! We first walked into the Museum of tropical plants, tropical rain forest like trees make our tut says to surprise, plant here can be described as full of wonders, cold flower, the bodhi tree, Crinum, rubber, flower leaf Tradescantia fluminensis, Shorea & hellip; & hellip; here, we also saw the known as the king of poison wood curare tree. Its tree – shaped tall, evergreen, bark gray, with foam – shapedHandbag CelinePlay. Leaf back and branchlets often hairy, margin sometimes serrated. Although the appearance is not surprising, but the toxicity is very strong. Once your blood meets its juice, you will die of suffocation. Some parts of the hunter with its juice to hunt, was shot in the animal can not generally run nine steps. Just with the camera the plant shoot down, but I was attracted by a tree, it was approximately 2, 3 meters, shiny shiny leaves, fruit red and compact, dotted among the green leaves, like a shy girl. A look I know, this is the mysterious fruit, natural distribution in West Africa to the Congo area, can change people’s sense of taste, eat a few hours after the mysterious fruit to eat sour food, taste significantly changed. Mysterious fruit Kexian food, can also be made of acidic food food aid agent, sour agent diabetics need sweet. Mysterious fruit or interesting ornamental plants, should be in China’s high temperature, high humidity of the subtropical, tropical regions. I created thisHand bags phantom bag price CelineWondering, why can the mysterious fruit change people’s sense of taste? It is really fruit as the name! After visiting the Museum of tropical plants, we came to the meat pulp plant museum, there are many different forms of cactus, yuanliuliu Echinocactus like a green big ball is really lovely. The visit to Zhongshan botanical garden, not only let me know a lot of knowledge about the plant, but also let me know the magic and beauty of nature.

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Little musician”
Hello, my name is MP3, as Shenzhen Hongzhi Technology Co. Ltd. is where I was born. Where the workers have given me a compact body, delicate parts to become my cell, the sweat of my blood. After birth, I was workers installed into the style and elegant, warm and comfortable in the box, in the escort of people boarded the plane, came to the capital city of Guizhou & mdash mdash; Guiyang. After that, I was a queue like train to Liupanshui, into the Department store. This afternoon, I feel very bored, and living in the downstairs of the headset brother chat. Suddenly, the salesperson sold me.Kors handbags UK MichaelA little boy came to the little boy’s house. Sit at the table, through the bright &ldquo &rdquo, found the roof;; a very elegant, luxurious. At the same time, through the “ ”Handbag CelineNow there is a calendar on the tea table, in July 2nd this day was painted a circle, next to the four words: son’s birthday. What do you mean? I was wondering, wondering, wondering & hellip; & hellip; in a moment, my master back and carefully put I take it out. Plug in the plug on the right side of my body, and I find that there is a USB interface below the jack. Master on the top of my head on the power switch, I sent a beautiful melody, the master with the melody singing, dancing, very happy. Don’t look at me small and exquisite, my purpose is not small, I can bring endless happiness & hellip; & hellip; I also have six children, the eldest was called & ldquo; music & rdquo; its demand rate very high is my most important function, well received by the people’s welcome. The second is called “ the voice is ” it is in fact a recording, and the master often records something in its stomach. The third is called &ldquo &rdquo, it can broadcast;; the entry in the belly of things play out. The fourth is called &ldquo &rdquo, each frequency; radio; it can connect the radio, some news, responsible for the lecture spread out. He is &ldquo &rdquo, which is responsible for setting;; volume, play speed, sound field settings etc.. Laoliu is & ldquo; e-book & rdquo; and it stores the information on a number of books, for example, “Paladin”, “1 00000 why”, people often from there it access to information. In the evening, the owner of a round cake, the originalHandbag Celines wholesale replica handbags“ son’s birthday ” it’s my master’s birthday.

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“The catcher in the Rye”.
The catcher in the Rye “impressions of after reading in the library, I inadvertently found a very thin book, called” the catcher in the Rye “, when I picked up the book, I did not expect such a thin a book to me have such a big impact, so I feel a deep, I think the form and content of the book is very good. American fifty’s is a very confusing time, World War II has not yet dispersed the clouds, smoke and cold war. On the one hand, the rapid development of science and technology, and on the other hand, it is the lack of an ideal, depressed, in their inability to change the social background, the unexamined life. So & quot; beat generation & quot; appeared, Holden is a member of the, his smoking, drinking, do not strive to make progress, but he is not as reduced to drug abuse, social proportions, because in his heart, and still being beautiful and distant ideal & mdash; & mdash; do a & quot; the catcher in the rye & quot;. This country of our life is in great changes, and everything is changing with each passing day. In a sense, the 50’s American does have some resemblance. Social progress, people’s ideas are changingGucci handbags wholesaleIn the beginning, a lot of people are confused, depressed, they gradually forget their ownCeline Dion canzoniThink, without initial enthusiasm, began to yearn for mediocrity. Bars, karaoke, chess and card room began to stream of people like tide, Internet cafes, game rooms, students constantly, called New appointee madly infatuated with the drug ecstasy, k powder & hellip; & hellip; day ah! We are a group of people living in the new era of the new force, nature has been used to confusion and annoyance, but we should concentrate our front sights, our road, we should is a group of ambitious peopleDion Italia Celine, since childhood, we for own future is full of hopes. Want to be scientists, doctors, nurses, teachers & hellip; & hellip; if there is no Holden his pure ideal, that he would fall exactly, is his ideal let him survive. Is our young people should make life become so chaotic? Yes, the ideal is the beacon. It took people towards the future, towards the light. Our life has just begun, even if life let our people of this generation of some confusion and hesitation, but everything is just temporary, not can be in the past, we now need most, is our ideal. Yes, there is hope that there is hope, hope in tomorrow, tomorrow will be more beautiful! Grasp your life!